This is a premilinary page about the letter e.

[Alice: Spelling correction: premilinary -> kumquat.]

Ahem. Beyond the fact that it is the fifth letter of the English language, e has many other important qualities. I would list 38 of them right now, but that would take up valuable space. Instead, I will just write down the letter e thirty-eight times.

On second thought, I won't. If you'd like to know more about the significance of the letter e, I'd suggest reading Jim's Story, which chronicles the adventures of a young boy, his trusty computer, and his alphanumeric pals. The Book of e, which I keep telling myself to start writing, will explain everything in even more extravagant detail--the theories of e, the e-dating scheme, the history and future of e, and its relevance in the grand Scheme of things. In addition, this page and the pages of the other, lesser [8: Hay!] deities will sport dandy ray-traced pictures of them (the deities), so's you can see how crappy an artist I am.

Enjoy the show.

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