Jim's Story
Chapter 13 (gasp!)

It was written:

3: It's even darker in here...but it seems to be safe..

<But after a quick glance around, they realize that they are in trouble...>

Servo: Hey, down in front! I can't see!

Crow: More intruders...good, I'm hungry. <bites Jim's left hand off>

And we resume.

Jim: Jee-zus H. Kee-riiste! My hand ... my right hand is gone!

3: Left.

Jim: What?

3: Your left hand.

Jim: Whatever! OH GOD IT HURTS IT HURTS IT Hmmmm. Strangely, my wrist feels much better now.

e: Yes, it does. And the stage has been set for a future chapter in which your severed hand is replaced by a bionic one a la Empire Strikes Back [which title, incidentally, contains three e's].

3: Three... I like that number. Has a nice ring to it. Denwa!

Jim: If only Alice were still here, so she could warn me.

3: Can you manage with only one hand?

Jim: It'll be difficult to type and wack it simultaneously, but you know what they say.

3: What?

Jim: Absence makes the heart say e.

Crow: Are you guys going to shut up or what? We're trying to criticize this movie. <burp>

Jim: That sounds like ... Crow! Which means this is...

Joel: ... the Satellite o' Love, boys.

Jim: So we're on MST3

e: Watch it...

Jim: ...e! And you're Joel! Wait, that is you, Joel, and not your cheap-ass imitation Mike, right?

Joel: It sure is me. Now be quiet.

Jim: So what are you being forced to watch this time?

Crow: It's some campy flick. We can't figure out if it's supposed to be a comedy, a drama or a pile of shit.

3: Well, what's happening right now?

Joel: Right now we're watching some guy sleep in his dorm room. Hey, look at me, I'm Jesus Christ and I'm sleeping! What fun!

Crow: Oh, his roommate's sneaking over to the stereo, oh, this is gonna be great! Look at that cinematography! I wonder what's going to happen next? He's pressing the power button... hey, what's wrong with the tint?

e: Looks like that sleeping guy is glowing green.

Joel: Look at me, I'm The Incredible Hulk! Jesus Hulk Christ!

Servo: Oh, boy - the green guy's waking up. Maybe the plot will start now.

Joel: No, it's time for a break.

[The gang follows Joel and the robots to the ship's control room.]

Gypsy: Hi gy wuta ba...

Servo: Hiya Gypsy.

Woman's voice: Eight seconds until commercial sign.

3: 8... I never got a chance to... I just wish I could have told him, in the living years.

e: 8's still alive, silly threee. He's just banned from #marscolony.

3: I'm gonna kick that fucking bot's ass when I see her, that stupid-ass dirty-ass nasty-ass slut! I'll shoot her in the leg, shoot her in the thigh, kick her in the pussy and punch her in the eye!

Woman's voice: Three seconds until commercial sign.

3: Knee to the pussy, kick to the skull...

e: Chill, 3.

3: 7 got mad 'cause c got licked. I didn't give a fuck so I shot him in the dick!

Woman's voice: Commercial sign.

Announcer: Are you tired of being thrown around by big, bad bullies? Want to fight back but don't know how? Then, my friend, you need the New and Improved Exception Reflection Protection Gel!! ERPG contains three active ingredients that will help you avoid any throw -- guaranteed! Simply apply ERPG liberally and watch the fun begin! See how you magically squirt out of their grasp at the slightest touch! See how they fall on their faces and are ostracized by their peers as their own exceptions are reflected back at them!! See them hang their pathetic heads in shame and then tell 'em to shove it! Now you may expect something like this to cost you a fortune. But we'll give you this exceptional product for the low, low price of 38 trillion akira points. But wait, there's more! For a limited time we'll throw in this nifty box of Frosted e at no cost! Yes, absolutely free! So order now - quantities are limited!

To order your 8 oz. tube of Exception Reflection Protection Gel and free box of cereal, send 38 trillion akira points to: ERPG, c/o Anus Chemical Co., 33E888 Curdsan Way, Chocklie, Optimus Prime, Xorinia. Limit 3 per household. Sorry, no AOD's.


3: Sniff... Frosted e was 8's favorite...

Jim: Wut the... the gravity's fuct!

Joel: The movie's starting and we're getting sucked back into the theater, as of late.

Crow: No! I can't take any more of this!

Servo: Chill, Crow.

Crow: No! I refuse to be a ho, prostituted for some science experiment! Gypsy, help me! Aaaaaaaaaaugh!

Gypsy: thru (eee)


Jim: Ohhhh, I'm getting queasy from all this throwing <retch>

3: Who you calling wretch?

e: How did she do that?

Jim: <gag> Beats me. You coded it.

3: No, I think R coded Gypsy. Oh.

e: 3, does my hair look okay?

R: Hi, big boys.

e: <blushes> (whispering) Oh, e, it's R...

Jim: R? What is this?

3: e has a crush on R.

e: Shhh!


e: Shhhhh! <giggle>

3: R's real nice to look at, Jim, but she's a ditz. She has this annoying habit of making irrelevant general statements that have no place in the flow of conversation.

R: Consumer goods are more lavish, and trash has increased.

3: Now you understand the method behind Gypsy's madness.

Jim: That's from Othello, right?

R: Anyway, where's 8?

8: Here I yam! yo

3: 8 factorial!

8: Took you long enough to leave Mars. Oh, no...

3: Yep. R.

R: e38R1!!

8: Someone throw her, please. She's almost as annoying as donaldso.

e: NO! I mean, no. That would be ruuuude to R guest. It's been a long time since we made lo... since we last met.

R: How are you, e?

e: I'm fine, and you?

R: Oh, I've been better. My whole family is fighting and I'm just a little stressed out right now.

e wanted to make her feel better, and knew how to, but did R really want e's long pulsating serif in her R-sehole, or was it just his over-active imagination? Then she said,

R: What are you up to?

e got a hold of himself and just risked total embarrassment - I mean, what did e have to lose? So e said,

e: Well, if you let me, I'm going to fuck your e-damn brains out!

R: What??

e: I want to rip your fuckin' clothes off and fuck you like you've never been fucked before!

3: Oh, Christ.

8: No!

donaldso: B00ta baa baa baa! woot

R: Why do you want me so badly?

e: Because you're the fuckin' hottest bitch I've ever seen!

R: Well, I guess I could go for a good fuck now.

[e and R duck behind a nearby cactus.]

Jim: Cactus? My e, we're in a vast wasteland!

8: If only that bot were here now, I'd show her a thing or two. Hey, wait, 3! I've got an ideal. <pspswpswpspspsw>

Alice: Freudian slip: made love -> last met (offset 0x3e)

Jim: Alice! When did you get here :-/

Alice: Response :: "I've been here ever since -> 'Jim: Ohhhh, I'm getting queasy from Alice throwing <retch>'".

3: Great ideal, 8. disable_interrupts(taco);

Jim: Nani? What is it, man?

3: You'll just have to wait and c!


c: Oh, yes! Gonna give 'em some Maniac magic. User 8 is bann

3: delete[] 8;

Jim: WHAT??

Alice: System Notification: 41 bytes freed

c: Wh... Well, 3, it seems that I have underestimated your stupidity. Now rot in #hell! User 3 is b

3: 8 8 = new 8(3);

*** c is telefragged ***

8: Woohoo! Take that, bitch!

3: That weak, pathetic fool. enable_interrupts(taco);

8: All too easy.

Jim: She gets crazier by the chapter, doesn't she.

Alice: Spelging correction: ideal -> idael

[Suddenly, without prior warning, the landscape is magically and instantaneously transformed into a jungle paradise for 65 (6 + 5 = 11; 11 = 8 + 3) miles in each direction. Akira!]

Alice: General warning, forestation imminent.

R: Oh e, that was wonderful.

e: I think I screamed my own name.

3: Ugh. So... what to do?

Jim: I guess we start walking. Wait a minnit. Have any of you ever had deja vu? Because I've had it several times already during our adventures, and I'm having it right now.

8: Nope. Don't quite get your meaning.

donaldso: woot?

Jim: It's like I've heard myself say these exact words before... oh, no matter. Let's go, guys.

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