It's Unimatic!

pNES is a hacked-up version of nestra 0.64. It offers two major improvements over nestra: a tile-based rendering engine, and the use of Glide to render the tiles.

The initial release of pNES is for developers only. It is not for general consumption. I just wanted to finally expose pNES to the public. I know the code is bad, and will probably not work on any system other than mine; and I have many ideas on how to improve it. But since I won't be able to work on it for a while, I thought someone might find it interesting, even in its primitive state. Note that if you are running anything other than Linux on x86 with Voodoo 1 hardware, you will probably need to hack pNES to get it to work.

The latest version of pNES is 0.1 (the initial release), dated 6/12/00. View the README, then download here.

I will not respond to user questions for this release. Serious developer questions or insights may be entertained.

I hope to release pNES more often in the future.