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Dreamcast-related junk, and stuff.


2002-06-06 brkout A breakout clone, complete with level editor. to brkout page »
2002-02-07 tuxnes-dc DC port of TuxNES 0.75 with raster and tile renderers.
2004-03-11 zarya Space shmup, v0.1 alpha.


2004-02-23 punch Test harness for benchmarking large polygons (especially punch-throughs). Requires pvr_reset_stats patch, below. [v01]
2004-02-18 Oceano Basic specular highlighting example. Requires specular highlight patch and libparallax patch. [v01]
2004-02-08 Serpent KOS bubbles demo modified to run about 5x faster. This technique is applicable for any precomputed model.
2002-01-15 Paletted texture example 4 and 8bpp paletted texture example for KOS 1.1.6. I was sick to my stomach while I wrote this, and it shows.


2004-02-23 pvr_reset_stats Add capability to reset pvr statistics mid-program.
2004-02-18 plx_spec Allow libparallax to access specular highlighting.
2004-02-06 mat_trans_single Increase mat_trans_single performance by 10-20%.
2004-02-02 sq_cpy Increase sq_cpy performance by 20-40%.


2004-08-19 dc-chain 0.1 Makefile which builds the dc development toolchain. Initial release only; the community has taken over this project.