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Things I cobbled together.

[screenshot: brkout level editor]

brkout is a breakout clone for the Sega Dreamcast. It features seventeen premade levels and a level editor that saves to VMU. Go to brkout »

[screenshot: pu6e and gargoyle underworld]

pu6e is an OpenGL-based world editor for Ultima 6 and the Worlds of Ultima games. It runs on Windows and Linux. Go to pu6e »


Dreamcast Dreamcast programs
Zbigniew's page Chicken Scheme programs
the pub Public file repository


lighttpd anti-nagle Disable Nagle's algorithm in lighttpd 1.4.18
Snes9x OSX gcc4 Get Snes9x Custom HQ 1.43 working with gcc4
tree 1.5.0 OSX Get tree 1.5.0 working with OS X


Enhanced Jonesforth Modified version of Jonesforth with tail-call optimization; DOVAR/DOCON -> simplified CONSTANT, VARIABLE, and VALUE; FIG-FORTH-style CREATE ... DOES> support; case-insensitive FIND; Pentium optimizations; SEE aborts on word not found; constant, variable and DOES> decompilation (and indicate primitives).
Simple DOER/MAKE A simple DOER/MAKE implementation which is just vectored execution with a little sugar.


rsync+hfsmode Appledouble fix Fix endian issues on Intel in AppleDouble files created by rsync+hfsmode. (2009-07)
libffi-20071207 libffi built from SVN on 2007-12-07, for Leopard support. Also see the build instructions.
e-date.prc A little gem which displays the realtime e-date, in canonical format, on a Palm Pilot. Great for impressing the sex of your choice.


pNES A hacked-up version of nestra 0.64.
gpm-1.14-accel A patch that provides graded acceleration in GPM 1.14 and therefore X.
apple2-v004-ggi A port of apple2 v0.04, an Apple ][+ and //e emulator for Linux, to GGI. Does not compile with any recent libggi.
ET6000 driver My ET6000 driver, written for GGI.
playmidi patch For v2.3; fixes segfaults and percussion problems with the Ultrasound.
gusdj "GUS Joystick Interface Disabler." Disables the joystick port on the Ultrasound ACE under Linux.