Welcome to Jim's Story, an intriguing tale of murder, deceit, sex, and violence, mixed with sarcasm and a smidgen of e. The story (which is incredibly long by my standards, since in general I hate to write) is available as one huge chunk, but I've also broken it up for convenience. It has been written by Kralor and myself, and I intend to include it in some form in the ever-upcoming Book of e. Bear with me as I convert it to HTML; the lexical scanner I wrote to do the translation isn't yet complete. On second thought, it pretty much is, but I think my HTML isn't completely correct, as lynx fails to display the story correctly. I'll probably have to fix that eventually. Hmmm.

Be warned that Jim's Story contains adult language, adult themes, sexual content, mild violence, and a zebra that may be offensive to some people. To me, only the zebra part is disturbing. However, Cybersitter, Net Nanny et al. will probably block this site regardless. Fight censorship!

And now, the story. Click here for the full text of Chapters 1-14. Or, click below for bite-sized morsels.

Part 1: Introduction
Chapters 1-3
Chapters 4-6
Chapters 7-9

Part 2: The Real Adventure
Chapters 10-12
Chapter 13

Part 3: A New Beginning (tm)
Chapter 14

Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you've read the story. I'd appreciate it.

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