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Moving unmanaged iTunes files Move your unmanaged (NFS-mounted, etc.) iTunes music files around without leaving messy symlinks splattered all about.
Quack pretty-lambda on Carbon Emacs Covers some of the thornier issues encountered when getting the pretty lambda fontification of quack.el to work on OS X.
Manipulating the iTunes property list file in Scheme This tutorial covers reading and writing OS X property lists with the objc egg, gradually building up an application library which can reconnect "lost" iTunes files.
Creating a Cocoa Application in Chicken Walkthrough of an implementation of Currency Converter in Chicken Scheme.
Notes on Scheme lexers and parsers Some notes I made on Silex, LALR, SLLGen, bigloo, PLT, packrat, and so on.
Commander S, a review Initial impressions of Commander S, the interactive front-end to scsh.


Cocoa App Source 0.2 Source code for my Cocoa walkthrough. Contains two applications: Currency Converter and Color View.
Temperature Converter The first Cocoa app for Chicken. Screenshot here. Source only, download the objc egg to build it.
scrmable.scm Port of jwz's scrmable.pl to Chicken. Warning: The ahltgriom ofetn pcroudes uibilltnginele otuupt.

Eggs »

These are mostly old copies of my eggs. Please obtain the latest ones using chicken-install, or see my Github and Bitbucket repositories.

args Command line argument facilities atop SRFI 37: args-fold. Also see the examples for this egg and for args-fold itself.
doctype Provides XML doctypes as strings.
eggdoc An egg documentation tool.
eggdoc-texinfo Render eggdoc source into Texinfo (.texi, .info, .pdf). Also see the generated output for most Chicken eggs.
hostinfo Look up host, protocol, and service information.
lazy-ssax Dmitry Lizorkin's lazy-ssax library ported to Chicken.
objc 0.4 Scheme to Objective C bridge for Chicken. Detailed changelog for version 0.4 of 2006-01-21.
sxml-tools sxml-tools from SSAX project
sxml-transforms The SXML transformations (to XML, SXML, and HTML) from the SSAX project at Sourceforge.
testeez Neil van Dyke's testeez, synced to version 0.3
vector-lib Reference implementation of SRFI-43 with additions and bugfixes.


All new patches go into SVN; these are old.

posix time extensions Provides additional time functions missing from unit posix: local-time->seconds and utc-time->seconds. No longer necessary in recent (2.3+) versions of Chicken.
HP-UX chicken library patch remove -Wl,-R ; library extension .so -> .sl (modules still .so). Tested on 11i