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February 18, 2004

Dreamcast hacking.

I've started coding for the Dreamcast again recently, and posted a few things in the Dreamcast section. First, serpent, a version of the KOS bubbles demo that runs about five times faster, due to an optimized assembly loop that transforms and sends vertices to the PVR via the store queues. This sparked a discussion on DMA, and a DMA-based variant coded by Dan Potter was added to the examples tree. Second, oceano, which uses the specular highlight feature of the PVR to simulate sparkles on water. It doesn't try to be mathematically correct--rather it's meant as a jumping off point for others. Third, punch, a test harness for benchmarking large polygon performance, originally written to test punch-through polygons. There are also a few patches I wrote along the way, some of which are in the main KOS tree now.